Our Vision, Values & Purpose

Our vision

Is to serve the mission and ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church by partnering with our school communities to provide responsible and sustainable quality Adventist education.

Our core purpose

Is to ensure each student has the opportunity to:

  • Experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Actively engage in learning for life
  • Following Christ’s example in serving others

Our core values

Our values are encompassed between the pillars of Love and Service. God’s love for us and our love response to Him through service to Him and others, is expressed through our values for Adventist Schools.

We live our Christianity through:

  • Integrity - Living at peace with ourselves
  • Humility - Accepting our achievements without boasting
  • Excellence - Using God's gifts to do our best
  • Compassion - Showing kindness and empathy to others
  • Respect - Thinking and behaving well towards others
  • Discernment - Making wise choices
  • Justice - Seeking what is right
  • Responsibility - Owning our actions
  • Hope - Living with joy because our future is certain