Staff Testimonials

Heritage College

Since I started at Heritage College about 10 years ago I have seen so many changes. It has gone from a small, four class primary school to 12 primary classes plus a secondary school with two campuses. I have been privileged to see children that I have taught in the primary school, make commitments to God in baptism and grow as great spiritual leaders. Teaching can be demanding but I love watching children grow academically, spiritually and socially and count it a blessing to be part of this process.

Gilson College

I have been working at Gilson College Taylors Hill for the past 13 years. Initially as a teacher aide and Casual Relief Teacher, then for the past 11 years as a full time classroom teacher in the primary school. It has been an amazing experience to witness the growth of our College - not only in size - but also in professional learning. To be part of a teaching and learning community where there is a strong sense of teamwork, where everyone is encouraged to be the best they can be, is a privilege. I have been challenged and encouraged to develop my teaching skills so that I can best support our students in all areas of their lives. I am blessed to have the opportunity to share Jesus with young people who come from such diverse backgrounds, and to learn so much from the creative and perceptive minds of my students. - Marcia Robinson, Year 6 Teacher