What our Parents think

"It is a beautiful school in so many ways. God has His hand on this school and the students thrive. It is a whole school community with dedicated teachers, responsible and caring students and families who want their school to be the best it can be." - Nunawading Christian College, 2012


"I will be back next term for sure the program is one of the best I have seen, so thank you very much for giving parents and our little ones such a great experience at your art classes.  I'm also looking into the early learning centre for Leevi as I just love the school!" - Happy Hands Art Time at Edinburgh College, 2013


"Heritage College was a life saver for our daughter. She has blooked and is growing confidence. I see the effort of teachers and students - it's beautiful. We wish we had enrolled our daughter earlier." - Heritage College, 2012


"I am happy with the individual attendtion and small class sizes. I feel that there is no bullying and students have a positive relationship with each other. I truly believe that my child would have been lost in the system at a larger school." - Henderson College, 2012


"My husband and I have found a lovely community spirit at Gilson College - Mernda.  The Staff are extremely supportive of each individual student and their families.  They are open and accepting of all faith groups.  Our daughter loves going to school each day for all the different specialties offered.  The children all appear to be at peace with one another and our daughter comes out of school with a big smile on her face every day.  We couldn’t be happier with the school and staff." - Gilson College Mernda Campus, 2013


"Having experienced another Christian high school, we like the Academy (Edinburgh College Secondary) because it is a smaller school and our children know pretty much all the students at the school and interact with other year levels comfortably...I love hearing my kids talking to each other at home about students from various year levels and their accomplishments at school sports or seomthing done in chapel etc, becuase they both know almost/ all the students." - Edinburgh College Secondary, 2012


"This school has been a place where support, encouragement, nurture and friendship have made them who they are today because school is more than purely academic. NCC has provided the complete package. i.e spiritual – Christ centred, mental-academic, physical-activity. Covering these three areas is not easy and I believe NCC has done a terrific job for our child." - Nunawading Christian College, 2012


"We are so grateful for having moved from a much larger school this year. My children seem to have settled into Edinburgh beautifully, as have I as a parent. We feel very involved in the school almost as if we've always been here, which is wonderful given the circumstances surrounding our move. Edinburgh is a breath of fresh air, where we are feeling free to live life to the full again, having felt quite repressed elsewhere." - Edinburgh College, 2012


"I highly recommend Gilson College to my friends as I believe it has been a valuable experience for my children both academincally and spiritually. I have been very impressed with the discipline emphasised at the school and also the focus on learning to achieve your potential." Gilson College Taylors Hill, 2012