Combined Schools Day of Worship

Friday, 18 August 2006 marked the inaugural Combined Schools Day of Worship which included all primary and secondary metropolitan schools within the ASV. The purpose of this day was for ASV schools to spend a day as a community in worship.

Since then, our schools have grown and over the last few years, the Combined Schools Day of Worship is spread over two days - A day for the Primary schools and a day for the Secondary schools.

The Combined Schools Day of Worship in 2014 was on the 15 and 16 August. The theme was “Imagine” and our students did a fantastic job in arranging, preparing and presenting videos, dramas, and music during the program.

The Primary program was introduced by Gilson College Mernda students who attended for the first time. The guest speaker for the two day event was Roland Talamaivao who is the Family and Youth Ministries leader at the South Australian Conference.